Grapes to Glass – The Wine Making Process

Craft winemaking is very similar to the processes of a commercial winery. There are some differences, however: the three separate players involved.
The Manufacturer:

Wine kit manufacturers are responsible for including everything from vine to the juice. Then, they package all the materials it takes to make a great-tasting bottle of wine. RJSpagnols, the world’s largest wine kit manufacturer, has some advantages that they are proud to pass along to you.

Unique global sourcing of the highest quality grape juices, concentrates and other wine-making supplies.
We are vineyard owners, with strong relationships with key growers around the world. This ensures that we have consistent quality supply of grapes & juice.
Unparalleled innovation in winemaking & production
The most knowledgeable winemakers and viticulturists in the world overseeing vintages.
Experts travelling the world meeting with growers, and overseeing the quality of our grapes & juices.
A unique quality process ensuring our strict quality specifications are adhered to
Unique access & insight into the latest wine-making trends, techniques & regions from around the world
A range of brands offering the best quality for all of your winemaking needs & occasions

Your Craft Winemaking Establishment

The professional winemaker at your local craft winemaking establishment will work together with you to turn the juice into wine, including starting fermentation and the winemaking process. Once the wine is fermented, staff at the local store also clear and filter the wine. If you are visiting a retail only location, you will simply take your kit home to start the process!

The most important person in the process is you – the customer! The first, and most difficult job, is deciding which kind of wine to make – there are more choices than ever! Once you have finalized your selection, you will kick off the fermentation by adding the yeast. If you make your wine at home, you will ferment, clear and filter the wine. Otherwise, you will return to your craft winemaking establishment to cork, bottle and label the wine, then age the wine to your liking at home before serving!