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Wedding Wine Brewing Details

Please use the tabs below to view the information you need to create a perfect wine order for your wedding!

Rocommended Wedding Wines

Recommended White Wines

  • Chardonnay, Sonoma Dry Creek Valley, California
  • Gewürztraminer, Mosel Valley, Germany
  • Pinot Gris, Yakima Valley, Washington
  • Riesling, Columbia Valley, Washington
  • Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand

Recommended Red Wines

  • Cabernet Sauvignon with Grape Skins, Lodi Ranch 11, California
  • Eclipse Bravado LR
  • Merlot with Grape Skins, Napa Valley Stag’s Leap District, California
  • Nebbiolo Style with Grape Skins, Piedmont, Italy
  • Pinot Noir, Sonoma Valley, California
  • Shiraz with grape skins, Barossa Valley Australia
  • Zinfandel with Grape Skins, Lodi Old Vines, California

Wine Lead Times

Wine Lead Time

Whether you are making wine to be consumed at your wedding or to hand out as a gift to all your guests, you want to ensure you provide enough time for your wine to ferment and bottle age.

An ultra premium wine will typically require 6 to 8 weeks before the wine is ready to bottle and a further 2 to 6 months to bottle age.

White Wines

For white wines we recommend that once you bottle your wine, you further age it in the bottle for another 2 to 3 months before serving it at your wedding.

For example if your wedding is on July 1st you will want to go into the store to make your wine by mid February. You could then bottle it at the end of March and have 3 months for your wine to mature in the bottle, making it just perfect on your wedding day.

Red Wines

Red wines require a little be more time to bottle age; however, the resulting wine will show great depth of flavour. You will want to bottle age red wine from an ultra premium kit for a minimum of 4 months before serving.

For example, if your wedding is on July 1st , the latest you will want to go into the store to make your wine is early January. You could then bottle it by mid February and have 4 months for it to bottle age.

Serving Guidelines

Serving Guidelines

How much wine to make will depend on various factors including the number of guests, whether it’s a wine-drinking crowd, the format of the reception, the time of year, the time of day, and the menu. It is better to have a little more wine than not quite enough.

The standard 750ml wine bottle holds 25 ounces so count on five five ounce servings of wine from each bottle.

Follow these steps to estimate your needs:

Calculate how many people will be drinking at the event.
Multiply this number by four (to give you the maximum number of standard drinks per person you will need).
Divide number of standard drinks by five per bottle
Divide number of bottles by 30 to determine the number of batches and then round up

For example:

100 wine drinking guests attending
100 x 4 standard drinks = 400 standard drinks
400 / 5 (5 glasses per 750ml bottle) = 80 bottles of wine
80/30 750ml bottles per batch = 2.67 or 3 batches of wine will be needed

Therefore, you could make one batch of red wine, one batch of white wine, and one batch of rosé wine.

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Book Your Wedding Package

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Special Occasion Liquor License

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